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Radically transparent. Refreshingly real. Shockingly simple. 

We know what it takes to build a great workplace—and we know it can be done without a full-time HR department. It’s not complicated: treat people like adults, and they act like them. Ditch the HR handbooks that no one reads, and connect your team to your values instead. You just need to have the right tools in place, and get rid of the wrong ones. We help you do both.

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How we get it done 

Quality, always

When we say “get it done,” what we mean is “get it done right.” We believe everything you do is an extension of your brand, so we never half-ass anything.

Hustle and drive

You work hard. We work hard. When you partner with us, you never need to worry about things being done right and on time—because we don’t know any other way.

Uncommon candor

We don’t believe in beating around the bush, and we value direct communication and accountability. We will always tell you what we really think—no guesswork involved.

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Johanna Skitt, Founder and Chief People’s Officer

Johanna is passionate about getting shit done. With more than 18 years of experience, she’s a leader in all facets of human resources. She’s counselled Executives in some of the most complex organizations in the world, across a range of industries from fashion to finance to forensic engineering. She is always direct, always efficient and never stops until she crosses the finish line.

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Johanna Skitt understands what it takes to get your Human Resources on track.

Johanna Skitt understands what it takes to get your Human Resources on track.

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