HR Compliance for Small Business - The Time is Now!

Compliance isn’t sexy, but neither is getting caught with your pants down. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

  • Do you own and operate a small business?

  • Are you looking for your plus one?

  • Are you overwhelmed, anxious, scared, worried or losing sleep thinking about the do’s and don’ts of HR compliance?

At Get It Done HR, we’re compliance experts and we can help your company get up to speed and up to date, so you can get back to what you’re passionate about… anything other than compliance!

What’s at Stake if I Don’t have the right documentation in place when I hire my first employee?

Simply put, if you don’t establish a proper HR compliance plan, you run the risk of getting sued. This costs you money, time and energy. A lawsuit could also damage your brand should a former disgruntled employee share their experience on social media. This could negatively affect your ability to hire in the future.

I have an HR Compliance Problem.

The most important thing is to acknowledge that your small business needs HR help and to take action, you guessed it, now! Putting HR compliance off will only cause you and your small business more dollars and stress. Pleading ignorance will not save you or your small business should you wind up in court. This is your responsibility as an entrepreneur and small business owner.  

“It’s cheaper and less time consuming to build a strong and legally legit HR Compliance platform, than it is to fix one…”

If you put the cart before the horse and hired your first (second, third, fourth...O gosh!) employee without an up-to-date HR compliance plan - it’s not too late. From my experience, it’s cheaper and less time consuming to build a strong and legally legit HR compliance platform, than it is to fix one. Moreover, Canadian compliance laws are in constant flux, so it’s important to revise and update your compliance plan on an on-going basis.

The Plan: Let’s Get Your HR Compliance Right for Your Small Business. Let’s Get it Done Now!

We’re helping entrepreneurs, like you, take their small businesses to the next level with a radical approach to Human Resources. We know what it takes to build a great workplace—and we give you the tools without the need for a full-time HR department. We can help you build a solid foundation for HR compliance and we can help you maintain things, as your business evolves.

To start, we help get your small business legally compliant with contracts and an employee handbook. We’re not talking about the boring one riddled with rules the one that no one reads. Working with you, we develop a succinct Compliance Plan that fosters your small businesses core values and ethics.

HR Compliance is a Must.

We’re not going to pretend compliance is sexy, but it’s an extremely necessary part of running your business. It will also help you manage those sticky and sometimes tough decisions when your small business is growing and one of the following arises:

* A Disability Claim

* Overtime claims

* Attendance issues

* Vacation desprepanices

* Violence & Harassment

HR Compliance also helps you when an employee is not living up to their end of the bargain.

Let’s Get Started.

Leave the HR compliance to us, so you can focus on the more interesting aspects of your business!

Let’s Get it Right and Get it Done know where this is going!

Let’s get your small business set up with a solid HR compliance plan before you hire your first employee. Underestimating the importance of remaining compliant with employment laws is one of the biggest mistakes we can make as employers.

We can help you Get It Done.

By: Johanna Skitt